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The Salisbury Chapter House and Its Sixty Old Testament Scenes

Dr. Pamela Blum's book on the Salisbury chapter house, released here in 2010, provides a comprehensive study of the building and its remarkable sculptural program.

For an abstract of the book, click here.

Instructions for downloading and viewing

The book is available as one large .pdf file (60MB), which includes the text, figures, and plates. Click on the link below to download the file onto your desktop.


The text is best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. There are internal navigable links built into the file in the Table of Contents, the List of Illustrations, and within the chapters wherever there is a reference to a specific image. When the cursor hovers over these links, it becomes a pointing finger. Clicking on any of these takes you to the corresponding place in the file. To return to the most recently viewed page, click the Previous View button (NOT the Previous Page button) on the Navigation toolbar across the top of the display. This is especially useful for returning to your place in the text once an image has been viewed. If the Return to Previous View button is not available in the toolbar, add it by going to the Tools menu, choosing Customize Toolbar, scrolling down to Page Navigation Toolbar and placing a check mark next to the Previous View and Next View items. In Adobe Reader, the document is also navigable by opening the bookmarks in the panel to the left and clicking on any of the contents listed.

For Mac users viewing the file with Preview, as in Adobe Reader, the text can be navigated using the file's internal links. In the Tools menu, choose Scroll Tool. When the cursor (an open hand) hovers over figure reference in the text or an item in the text's table of contents or list of illustrations, it becomes a pointing finger. Click on any of these links to jump to the corresponding location in the file. To return to your previous place in the text, choose the Back arrow from the top of the display. Preview can also display a navigable table of contents alongside the text. To display this, go to the View menu and select Drawer. To scroll manually through the text and images, from the View menu choose Pdf Display, then Continuous.

Downloaded text is copyright Pamela Z. Blum